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What To Expect

What To Expect

We know that walking into a church for the first time can be overwhelming. That's why we've made the following information available. We want you to know what you can expect when you visit Harvest East Valley on Sundays at 8:45 and 10:30 am.

Warm Welcome

We welcome everyone with the joy of Christ.
We connect with guests through a guest card.
We gather as broken people who love broken people.


Passionate Music

We sing loudly and energetically.
We sing as a congregation.
We sing with modern music.
We sing lyrically rich songs both recent and historic.


Intentional Elements

We give offerings for the work of Christ.
We take communion to remember Christ’s work.
We celebrate baptisms for identifying with Christ.
We pray together because of our dependence upon Christ.
We read Scripture publicly as Christ followers.
We study the Bible with applicable preaching of Christ’s Word.


Helpful Accessories

Bring a Bible, if you have one.
We’ve got one for you, if not.
Throw in a pen and journal, if note-taking helps you process.


Unified Diversity

Every age category is engaged.
Every ethnic grouping is involved.
Every clothing style is present.
Every local town is represented.