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GrowingUp in Real Life

January 10, 2016 Speaker: Adam Bailie Series: Growing Up

Verse: Colossians 4:2–4:18

Big Idea
GrowingUp requires enduring gospel patterns applied to everyday real life.

GrowingUp in real life requires....
1. I live daily with a consecrated life of devotion (2).
2. I live daily with a careful life of mission (5).
3. I live daily with a connected life of community (7).*

*GrowingUp connected to Paul
- Tychicus & Onesimus - relayers of info
- Aristarchus, Mark, & Justus - only Jewish brothers
- Epaphrus - leader at Colossae but with Paul
- Luke & Demas - ministry partners in Rome
- Nympha - host of Harvest Laodicea
- Archippus - interim lead pastor of Colossae

Living what we Learn
What does my current prayer life reveal about me?
What time must be redeemed for the mission of Jesus?
How can I actively pursue life in community this week?

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