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GrowingUp at Home

January 3, 2016 Speaker: Adam Bailie Series: Growing Up

Verse: Colossians 3:18–4:1

Big Idea
GrowingUp in the gospel directly impacts every home at every level.

GrowingUp when the gospel hits home...
1. The church has gospel-growing wives (3:18).
2. The church has gospel-growing husband (19).
3. The church has gospel-growing children (20).
4. The church has gospel-growing dads (21).
5. The church has gospel-growing workers (22-25)
6. The church has gospel-growing bosses (4:1).

GrowingUp at Work
- Work not for the eyes of your boss.
- Work not for the approval of your boss.
- Work from the reverence of your Lord.
- Work passionately in every task.
- Work in every task with gospel motives.
- Work aware of your reward.
- Work aware of your Boss.
- Work aware of guaranteed justice.

GrowingUp at Work
Work every day for the ultimate Boss.
Work every day for the gospel reasons.

Living what we Learn
Is the gospel affecting my daily life?
Where is the gospel affecting my daily life the least?
What steps must be taken to grow up at home?

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