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Archives for June 2017

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10 Things You Should Know about God's Attributes

1. God is simple. What that means is this: God is free from all composition; He is not the sum of his parts. There is not one thing and another in God. Rather, whatever is in God, God is. He is absolute, which means that there are no distinctions within his being. Keep Reading...

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When the Darkness Doesn't Yield

I always thought sadness was a milder emotion. Other feelingssay, anger or loveare fierce, like stormy waves tossing you about. But sadness (so I thought) is more like a gray cloud that hangs about you. Recently I went through a deeper experience of sadness. It wasn't as terrible as whatsome Christians endure, but it wasn't mild, either. Sometimes it felt fierce and unrel...

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A Stack of Books for the Season: Summer Reading List for 2017

With the arrival of warm weather, most of us are able to turn to a stack of books that had to wait for summer. The following is my list of ten recommended books for summer reading. This list must be seen for what it is a recommendation of ten books I am eager to recommend books that I found thought-provoking and fun. Keep Reading...

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